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Surridge’s music offers a wide selection of acoustic and electric guitars, and bass guitars, to choose from. With access to a significant number of quality brand instruments, you’ll be sure to find the right guitar for your creativity. Here are some brands, to name a few, that you’ll enjoy looking at:

Electric Acoustic Bass
Gibson Yamaha Ibanez
Epiphone Larrivée Epiphone
Ibanez Epiphone Gibson
Jackson Art & Lutherie Yamaha
Squier Norman
Fender Seagull
Classical & Nylon

Yamaha makes classical & nylon string guitars for beginners and professionals alike. School series guitars are available in ½, ¾ and full sizes. For the perfect take-along guitar, try the Guitalele, a ukulele-style guitar that’s fun and stylish at anytime, anywhere. The CG series of guitars offers numerous models over several grades, making it easy to find a guitar that fits your sound and design requirements. Flamenco and electric-nylon string guitars are also available.